We offer government authorised translations from English to Norwegian, and vice versa. We specialise in translations within the areas of law, finance and economics.

In addition to fluent command of the languages concerned, an accurate translation of such texts require an intimate knowledge of the said academic disciplines. Consequently, it is necessary for the translator to have a solid theoretical and practical grounding in the topics concerned. Our treatment of the source text is based on higher education within these subjects, combined with extensive experience of the daily use of the target language among specialists. On this basis we can offer translations which accurately convey the content, while at the same time featuring the desired fluency in the target language.

Please refer to the biography of Sonja Hansen and Knut Engedal for detailed information on our educational backgrounds as well as our working experience.

Unless otherwise agreed, we will apply the British-English rather than the American-English form in our translations from Norwegian. Likewise, translations into Norwegian will use the "bokmål" form unless "nynorsk" is requested.