Knut Engedal is authorised by the Norwegian government as a translator from Norwegian into English, as well as from English into Norwegian. He is a member of The Guild of Government Authorised Translators of Norway.

Educational background:

"Cand.jur." degree (similar to LLM) from the University of Oslo
"Cand.oecon." degree (similar to MSc Economics) from The Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration
"Siviløkonom" degree (similar to MBA) from The Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration

He is a qualified Norwegian lawyer, and has for a number of years been with Thommessen Krefting Greve Lund, one of Norway's leading law firms. During the period 1996-2001 he headed the firm's London Office, from 1998 as Resident Partner.

As a lawyer he has specialised in company law, as well as financial law and insurance law. He has been involved in a number of the largest international transactions which have included Norwegian companies and the Norwegian capital markets over the last few years. He has extensive experience in drafting and translating agreements and prospectuses respecting all types of merges and acquisitions. Prospectuses and other documentation relating to IPOs and other types of equity offerings are other specialities. He also has considerable experience of various financial instruments as well as insurance instruments, including all types of financial derivatives, unit linking, securitisation as well as unit trusts and other prospectus-based financial products. He furthermore has been involved in acquisitions, financing and re-flagging of ships and offshore rigs.

His mother tongue is Norwegian, but English has been his main working language throughout his career. He has previously worked for the United Nations Development Programme in Dhaka, Bangladesh as well as at their headquarters in New York. In the latter location he was employed as a Policy Analyst, forming part of a small group of staff responsible for the preparation of the annual Human Development Report, which is distributed worldwide in a number of languages.

He has also completed a two year research period at the London School of Economics and Political Science, where he taught economics students at various levels. Likewise, he has been employed as a Research Associate at the Foundation for Research in Economics and Business Administration as well as at The Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration, where he was teaching business administration, economics and statistics. He has also on several occasions acted as Examining Commissioner at the law faculties of the University of Oslo as well as the University of Bergen.