Examples of types of translations offered:

Commercial contracts
Prospectuses for listed and non-listed securities
Judgements and other judicial documents
Legal, financial and economic analysis, reports and treatises
Annual reports, press releases and other external communications from private businesses and public bodies within the areas of law, finance and economics
Articles of incorporation, bye-laws, accounts, audit reports and similar official documents

All our translations are created through a three-stage process:

The text is translated with the main emphasis being on accurately reproducing the source text, down to the smallest detail and nuance. This work is supported by Trados and other modern translation tools.
The text is edited for syntax and fluency in the target language. The objective is for the translated text to appear as if it was originally drafted in the target language.
Thorough proof-reading, emphasising spelling and consistency. For purposes of quality control all translations are proof-read separately by two persons.

Translations requiring certification by a government authorised translator are duly stamped and signed. This applies to many translations prepared for judicial use, as well as to those required for public registrations or licenses.

Other services:

In addition to ordinary translation services we also offer:

Proof-reading and editing of existing translations as well as of original texts. This may be limited to spelling and consistency, or may include more extensive editing aimed at rendering the presentation more fluent and elegant.
Training in modern Norwegian negotiation language and techniques, drafting of contracts, judicial language etcetera, tailor-made to individual requirements. Such training will require good or very good command of Norwegian on the part of the participants.