Sonja Hansen has for a number of years worked as a freelance translator specialising in economics, finance and law.

Relevant educational background:

"Siviløkonom" degree (similar to MBA) from The Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration
"Cand.mag." degree (similar to BA Literature) from the University of Oslo

She has worked as finance manager at NSR Travel (now part of Radius Travel) in London. The ongoing management of the finance department was conducted in English and Norwegian in parallel. It included bilingual budgeting, profit and loss accounts, balance sheets and annual returns, development and testing of computer-based accounts systems and management tools, cash flow management, VAT accounting, tax- and employer's social security contribution accounting, as well as reporting to headquarters, auditors and authorities.

At The Office of the Auditor General of Norway in Oslo she worked with governance auditing and approval of information systems, development of new auditing techniques, staff training, review of procedures as well as assessments of internal auditing. Through this work she has, in addition to developing her professional skills, gained a thorough understanding of the Norwegian public sector and its language.

She has been teaching English in Madrid, and also taught Norwegian in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Her mother is English and her father is Norwegian, thus providing her with a bilingual upbringing. As a specialist translator she has concentrated on economic analysis and reports, as well as on commercial contracts.